guiding principles

At The New York Group, we understand what it takes to start off on the right foot with new clients, to foster deep and meaningful connections with long term clients and to make great things happen through hard work and dedication.


Communication is the foundation of every relationship. From the very beginning, we make it clear what can be done to create the most effective communications to promote a client’s organization. We take great length to fully understand the goals that clients wish to reach, including revenue growth, staff development, customer relations and more.


Consistency builds trust in a business relationship. We believe clients deserve the highest level of service and dedication that we can provide. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, honesty, integrity, quality of work, responsiveness, fair pricing, accountability, sensible flexibility, goodwill and respect.


Because of deadlines, times of opportunity, and other unavoidable last minute aspects of conducting business, decisions must be made quickly. Even though effective planning can lessen the burden that accessibility demands, lines of communication are a must. In response, we make ourselves available to assist clients no matter what the need.


Every organization, even those within the same industry or field, has aspects that make it unique. From competitive climates to employee personalities to customer preferences, we believe a strong understanding and “feel” for the client’s organization is critical to achieving lasting success.


Quality work delivered on time is not a goal, it’s a necessary requirement for success. We work diligently to meet deliver on the needs of each client. And when a client has needs we cannot meet, with permission we find a qualified vendor who can.


Listening involves more than being present and attentive. It requires an active and genuine regard for a person’s “voice.” we feel all parties involved need to keep an open mind about the possibilities that exist.

accurate record

In order to manage projects and expenses effectively, we monitor and track expenditures with an eye of scrutiny. All client advertising and marketing expenditure are clearly documented and thoroughly explained.

time and punctuality

Meetings should start and end on time out of respect for all participants. And, with deadlines, revisions, coordination of vendors, and the like, we strongly believe that time management is a top priority to develop successful, cost effective solutions for clients.

respect and humility

It is life itself that presents us with the challenges for growth. The process of self-awareness leads us to better understand ourselves and those around us. It is through respect for one another that a true collaborative relationship can prosper.

top-notch marketing skill

There is no question in our minds that an organization’s success is derived from a synergy of peoples’ creative ideas fused with sound business strategy. The way that is accomplished is the relationship we wish to establish with your organization.

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