marketing + sales

establish a position in the marketplace and lead with engaging customer experiences

The New York Group offers comprehensive yet scalable solutions to deliver value to our clients’ customers. We guide clients to focus on setting attainable goals and discovering higher performance throughout the organization.

marketing strategy + tactics

The New York Group offers a comprehensive solution to developing and delivering value to clients’ customers through sound business principles, innovative strategy, and creative expression. In collaboration with all involved—client management, sales people, support staff, and business partners—The New York Group maintains focus on building profitability through purposeful exploration of attainable goals and marketplace potentials. 
analyze + develop strategy
experiential marketing
new product launch
brand equity + leadership
new market opportunities
reinforce competitive platforms
improve operational practices
design effective "media mix"
acquire + retain customers

sales development + support

Continuous organizational improvement is a requirement to build and maintain a competitive edge. However, many companies do not know where to turn for reliable assistance. The New York Group offers a series of scalable services that meet the unique needs of each client. From sales training and operational shifts to call center development and customer service training, The New York Group helps guide clients through the process of change in a cost effective, productive, and positive manner. 
relationship management
loyalty + retention programs
lead management
call + support centers
customer targeting + profiling
customer lifetime value
customer journey mapping
customer buying cycles

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