advertising + publicity

brands deliver a promise and build a community of loyal customers

The New York Group works with each client to ensure their brand retains a competitive edge. Integrating purposeful design with value impact, delivered by a powerful media mix, our messaging attracts attention that get results.


In times when consumers are empowered with immense choice, The New York Group works with each client to ensure their brand retains its competitive edge. This approach not only delivers short-term results, but builds future business as well. The New York Group builds an integrated and relevant media mix that provides the needed support for revenue and profit centers. Clarity of message and appropriate, purposeful creative design are refined through an ongoing dialogue to achieve the best result possible.
brand development
ad campaigns
sales promotions
product + package design 
media planning
tv commercials + online videos
radio spots
sales collaterals
direct response
signage + point of purchase
trade show exhibits


The New York Group assists clients in positioning their brand to attract new customers, by crafting powerful messages and events designed for public consumption. As competition intensifies and the market place becomes more saturated with products and services, a sound public relations strategy helps solidify a client’s leadership position. From editorial and advertorial content to charity giving and corporate events, The New York Group designs a comprehensive public relations engine to fuel awareness and brand value.
brand strength + credibility
product launch + positioning
events + execution
partnership development
cause marketing
crisis management
media relationship building

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