Our Values

“An agency must have four characteristics that work together to achieve client success: engaging creative, conversations and content that convert to sales, an analytical perspective and a plan leading to results."
At The New York Group, we understand what it takes to start a new relationship on the right foot and to foster deep and meaningful connections with clients, making great things happen by working smarter, together as one team.

Fostering Communication

Communication is the foundation of every relationship. From the very beginning, we make it clear what can be done to create, plan and execute the most effective communications for our clients. We take great length to fully understand the goals our clients wish to reach, including revenue growth, staff development, customer relations and more.

Trust through Consistency

Consistency builds trust in a relationship. We believe our clients deserve the highest level of service and dedication possible, including transparency, integrity, quality of work, responsiveness, fair pricing, accountability, sensible flexibility, goodwill and respect.


Because of deadlines, windows of opportunity and other unavoidable last minute aspects of conducting business, timeliness and accessibility are required in an ever-changing business environment.

Understanding the Landscape

Every client, even those within the same industry, has aspects that make them unique. From market demographics and competitive analysis to employee skillsets and talent acquisition, we invest time to garner a deeper understanding and “feel” for each client.

Work of Excellence

Quality work delivered on time is not a goal, it’s a requirement for success. We work diligently to deliver on the needs of our clients. And, in the unlikely scenario where a client has needs we cannot meet, with their permission, we will collaborate with a qualified partner who can.

Active Listening

Listening involves more than being present. It requires an active and genuine regard for an individual's experience and perspective. We believe all parties involved should to keep an open mind to all the possibilities that exist and respect differing opinions and points of view.

Accurate Record

In order to manage projects and expenses effectively, we monitor and track expenditures with a keen eye. All client expenditures are clearly documented and thoroughly explained.

Time is Money

With deadlines, revisions, coordination of vendor partners, and the like, our hyper-focus on time management and efficiency helps conserve resources and delivers successful, cost effective solutions for our clients. And, when it comes to meetings, both in-person and on-line, they should begin and end on time in respect for everyone's productivity.

Respect and Humility

It is life itself that presents us with a multitude of opportunities and challenges that build our knowledge and self-awareness, leading to a better understanding of ourselves and those around us. A true collaborative business relationship prospers through mutual respect and a commitment to the goals we share.

Pinnacle of Success

Our definition of success is the culmination of innovative strategy, fresh creativity, top-notch skills and on-time execution to achieve business-positive outcomes for our clients.

Let’s have a conversation about retailing different.

Serving Clients Across Our Brands for 28 Years and Counting

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